Quantity of the E-auction participants is not restricted. To participate in E-auction it is required to be registered on the web-page. Customer must have at list 30% of the desired product cost on its credit or debit card.

Beginning of the E-auction will be announced on the web-page.

During the E-auction the bid process is visible online.

The first participant of the concrete auction approves the starting bid. This means that, a first bid equals 0 (zero). In case no other participants raze the bid, the product will be sold in starting price.

E-auction participant’s name and last name is hidden for other participants only ID name is visible.

Customers can get information about ongoing e-auction (the number of users participating in the e-auction, their bids, e-auction time and etc.) and make appropriate bid on the product.

Making bid by customer is considered as his/her consent on purchasing the product at the given price. Consumer can increase the price by doubling, tripling etc. the bid amount at his/her desire. Every next bid increases the price of the product exhibited at the e-auction.

The winner of the e-auction is the user which makes the last and the highest bid on an exhibited product. Conclusion of the e-auction date, hour, minute, second is displayed on the web next to the presented product.

The e-auction results will be distributed by e-mail to winner and loser users and it will be considered as official notice.

The winner of the e-auction allows “Belux” to charge his/her card with the frozen guarantee amount (30% at the initial price of the product that is considered as “deposit”) at the moment the e-auction is finished. The deposit amount paid by user will be included in the final payment amount.

Rest of the sum has to be paid within 15 calendar days since the final day of the auction (wire the money from the user profile page); In case the user fails to pay rest of the sum Belux is authorized to abrogate e-sale deal and the sum, paid by the user shall not be returned to the user. Alternatively, the user may choose to pay entire price of the item at the final day of the auction.




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